Project Recovery

Projects can go wrong for a variety of reasons.

Whatever has caused your project to halt or fail completely, BWC can help you get back on track through some simple steps.

What can seem a daunting process can be relatively straight forward when you engage the right people.

Step 1. Audit. Projects get into trouble for a variety of reasons. Without a thorough investigation, simply trying to fix the ‘issue’ won’t achieve much.

Step 2. Discussion. Once all the issues have been identified, BWC can discuss the most appropriate course of action to get things back on track and the work completed.

Step 3. Solution. Using all of BWC’s experience in the construction industry, we will put forward a proposal to get you back on track.

Step 4. Re-baseline. Once all elements of the project have been identified and agreed upon, a new baseline agreed for the completion of the work.

If your project needs help, speak to the experts.